Daily Scroll: Twitter’s identity; ‘Desktop isn’t dead’

13 Oct

Even though I didn’t pull an excerpt, and it’s from Friday, the David Remnick interview is my favorite link of the day.

The Future of Engagement Is Big Data Plus Big Emotion (AdAge)

Emotional fulfillment, not technology, will be the standout offering of a winning brand. People like technology — but people mostly really like other people.

Here are five keys for businesses and brands to get to the future first:
-Be a creative leader
-Be participatory
-Be visual
-Be fast
-Be emotional

Can Twitter make money out of breaking news or is it a PR platform? (The Guardian)

If anything, the management meltdown has simply served to highlight an ongoing struggle within Twitter over whether it should largely be a conduit for journalism or PR. And whether a technology company, even one with 271 million monthly users, believes it can make money out of breaking news. Twitter’s behaviour over the last few months suggests it doesn’t think it can.

‘Desktop isn’t dead’: tips for multiplatform publishers (Journalism UK)

Knowing not just what devices people use to access content, but also when they do it, is an important step towards digital success.

Journalism’s biggest competitors are things that don’t even look like journalism (GigaOm)

If you want to read an expert’s take on a variety of different topics, or listen in on an interview with a celebrity like President Barack Obama, you don’t have to wait for a newspaper or magazine or TV network to interview that person — you can find something similar, and possibly even better, in the crowdsourced interviews that appear on sites like Quora and Reddit.

Facebook Plays Favorites Among Its Brand Partners Only some get access to new Atlas ad server (AdWeek)

However, Facebook chose to make that info available to a select number of preferred marketing partners at the late September launch of the Atlas ad server. Present were big names like Omnicom Media Group, SalesForce and Shift, all of whom appeared to be in a more special position than other longtime partners. They’ve been given first dibs on connecting to the new Atlas ad server, allowing them access to Facebook’s data to target and measure their ad campaigns for brands. Meanwhile, a number of other advertising technology partners were introduced to Atlas only after launch.

Media People: The New Yorker’s David Remnick (Women’s Wear Daily)

CTRs Aren’t Enough for Mobile Ad Measurement (eMarketer)

Instead, the research suggested secondary action rates (SARs)—those measuring actions such as calls, directions and more information—were better indicators of mobile ad awareness, engagement or purchase intent. Even more so, CTR tended to be completely unrelated, or even negatively correlated, to SAR metrics.

What brands think about when they think about Snapchat ads (Digiday)

Journalism startup Latterly doesn’t care about page views one bit (Venture Beat)

Edward Snowden’s Privacy Tips: “Get Rid Of Dropbox,” Avoid Facebook And Google (TechCrunch)

The Daily Scroll contains links and excerpts from my favorite media reads of the day, Monday through Thursday.


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