Why people ‘favorite’ tweets

2 Sep

That little orange star probably doesn’t mean what you think it means.

When someone favorites a tweet, they may actually “like” what you write. Or maybe they meant something else.

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Here are four reasons people favorite tweets.


Liking: If someone says something funny, or kind, or just plain warm and fuzzy, you can favorite the tweet. This was probably Twitter’s original intention for the tool, and the closest connection to Facebook’s actual “like” function.

photo 2

I, too, am an Orioles fan.


Hating: Hate-favoriting is a thing. It’s basically a subtle way to tell someone to screw off. A real needler when you don’t like what someone posted, or the way they posted it.

photo 3

Good try.


Bookmarking: There are so many links flying around Twitter, and so many enticing teases accompanying them, you never have time to read them all right away. Favoriting tweets allows for later access under your profile. (Access by going to “Me” then “Favorites” on your app or via Twitter Web.)

I have a bunch of long-ago favorited tweets I still intend to read.

photo 1

Thanks, Taylor; sounds interesting.


Acknowledging: This is similar to “liking” or “hating,” though it’s more neutral. Sometimes you just want to let someone know, “Yeah, I saw your tweet.”

This is a good way to end an exchange without the guilt of ignoring someone or the chore of coming up with some artificial “Haha OMG totally!” response. Although if that would really be your response to any tweet, please do the rest of us a favor and delete your account.

photo 4

I see your point, Dan.

Did I miss one? Share it in the comments.


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