The secret to seeing newsworthy tweets first

31 Jul

Ever wish you could be notified as soon as someone tweets?

Maybe an old flame? A photo-happy politician? Or perhaps just a strong source during breaking news?

Let me share a little trick with you called mobile notifications. Once set up, you’ll get an alert on your phone every time someone for whom you turn on notifications tweets. If you set it up through Twitter Web, you’ll get the alert via text message, but if you do it through the Twitter mobile app, you’ll get a standard Twitter alert (my preferred method) on your phone.

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Here are the steps, and the final result.

1. Go to your “editΒ profile” page, then “mobile” and add your cell phone number to your Twitter profile and confirm it with a text message. (You’ll receive instructions.)


2. Make sure you’re following whichever user for whom you want to receive alerts.


3. Click the the black silhouette in the middle-left portion and “turn on notifications.”


4. Ta da! Here’s what the alert you will get looks like. This came about 10 to 15 seconds after the @NYDailyNews tweet was sent.


If you want to “turn off notifications,” just go back to that black silhouette.


You can leave your phone number on your profile and you won’t get any alerts unless you check any of the boxes below. If you do select them via Twitter Web, you’ll get these alerts via text message.

As you see, you can even keep notifications on, but turn them off for certain times of day.


Obviously this could get a bit annoying if someone tweets frequently, which is why it’s nice to be able to turn the alerts on and off, and why you should be selective about when you use them.

Breaking news is my go-to usage, especially when you don’t have time to stare at your timeline and wait for a valuable source to tweet. The other kind of user for whom I would commonly use it is a PIO or valuable source who breaks a lot of news on Twitter, but also doesn’t tweet too frequently (more than a couple times a day). I might leave alerts for these users on all the time.

Give it a try and scoop your competitors on any tweet-related news.

Do you have any other uses for mobile notifications?


One Response to “The secret to seeing newsworthy tweets first”

  1. new age thinker September 19, 2013 at 6:41 am #

    great TIP, i am gonna apply now

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