What’s your game, Foursquare?

8 May

In the midst of a fight to prove itself as a sustainable, revenue-generating business, Foursquare released a share-friendly app update early Wednesday. Version 6.1.1 has “made it easer to share the insights you see after you check in on Twitter, Facebook, and more.”

You can see the “Share” button at the bottom of this screenshot:


“Just tap the share button to show off your 30-week gym streak, an awesome special that you unlocked, or a great tip from a friend.”

(SocialTimes talks about the new feature.)

photo (4)

The location-based app released a Windows Phone 8 app recently, too. This comes about a week after the “leaking” of an internal document that outlines plans to sell user check-in data to advertisers.

(What if you never had to take your phone out to check in? Wouldn’t that be creepy?)

My problem with Foursquare is that Yelp is better when it comes to discovering new places. If I don’t know where I am, or where I’m going, Yelp is my go-to app. The search is stronger, more reliable and easier to sort through. When I search on Foursquare, I feel like I’m trying to decipher a treasure map.

If I do know where I’m going, though, Foursquare is great. More of my friends are on there (or if a lot of my friends are on Yelp, we’re not connected and/or they seldom check-in), so I’m more likely to see whether people I know and trust have been to a business, and what they think about it. And best of all, Foursquare seems to have more and better check-in specials. (Free beer shots!)

I also like the quick access to digestible tips, as opposed to sifting through longer reviews and tips on Yelp, which aren’t as useful on mobile. Especially considering the possibility that any given Yelp reviewer could have been bought by the business owner.

I’m rooting for Foursquare, and I’ll continue to use it, but I’m just as interested to see what it turns into as more updates are pushed.


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