Facebook: Romney Sponsoring Obama, Ryan Sponsoring Romney

19 Sep

Guess who’s sponsoring a “Barack Obama” search on Facebook? Yup, Mitt Romney. (I first noticed this Sept. 17).

President Obama, however, is the top page result.

On a search for “Mitt Romney”, though, Paul Ryan’s page is the top regular result, and President Obama is nowhere to be found on the dropdown search preview. (There are a few anti-Romney pages, though. There is more to the dropdown previews than is shown in these screenshots.)

And you have to love the “We Built That!” BINGO Blitz promo.

Also notice how President Obama has nearly three times as many fans as Romney and Ryan combined.

How big of a difference can sponsored social media searches and content make in the election?

Speaking of Facebook, you can like my page. I’m also on Twitter.


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