Turn off Spammy Facebook Notifications

16 Aug

Aren’t Facebook notifications just the most exciting thing? So much so for me that I don’t even use the mobile app unless I have to, because my heart flutters at the sight of the red circle with a number in it (preferably higher than one!) every time I sign on via desktop.

But you know what’s equally disappointing? Getting a stupid spam notification for a game developed by some failing Internet company.

So if you want to avoid that as much as possible, try this little trick: Turn off notifications for certain applications.

Just hover and click the X on the notification box and select “Turn off.” And look, you can even “Keep On” or “Undo” if it happened by mistake. And if the offending app truly is spam, report it.

I hope this helps you keep the quality of you favorite social network’s notifications as high as I like to keep mine.


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