Twitter Expansion, Well, Expands

13 Jun

Twitter has made it easier than ever to preview and consume content via its “expand” option, the company announced in a blog post Wednesday.

Still only available on and, the upgraded features are expected to expand to iPhone and Android devices soon.

This isn’t a new feature, and while Twitter doesn’t outright claim it is, the company also doesn’t go out of its way to play down that fact. While YouTube and Instagram content was already compatible with the expand option, the real news here is added partnerships with giants like TMZ, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times, among others.

Since you’ll be able to read some or all of the content posted by partners, I’m curious how this will affect decisions from paywall sites like WSJ and NYT as to how much of their content they allow to be viewed just by expanding a tweet. (Based on this screenshot from the Twitter blog post, it looks like The Times will just be sharing a dek/quick summary.)

Regardless, this is a win for the user, especially on mobile devices when the last thing you want to do is leave the window you’re on, which is tiny enough as it is. More partners, please!


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