Are You a Klouchebag?

28 Apr

For me, the answer, mercifully, is no. At least not yet. According to Klouchebag, “The Standard for Asshattery”, my rating is 19, meaning I’m “quite a nice person.” Well thank you, Tom Scott, who founded the site, for rating me so kindly.

(Just for fun, I listed some celebrity Klouchebag scores at the end of this post.)

The satirical service judges your Twitter personality on four qualities: Anger, Retweet Abuse, Social Apps and English Misuse. I deem it flawed if for no other reason than it says I don’t have any Anger. Well, Tom, you should see me when someone abuses retweets or misuses the English language. Can’t stand those klouches.

For the record, Tom’s (probably fixed) Klouchebag score is 100, making him “prat of the year.”

My favorite part of the site comes at the bottom, where Tom tells you why your Klout score isn’t important.

Concentrate on making amazing things, caring about the people around you, and not being a douchebag. If you do that, then you’ll soon realise that it doesn’t matter one jot what an algorithm thinks of you.

Based on Klout’s assertion that I’m influential in parenting (I have no kids), money (my student loan debt totals more than half my salary), Idaho (my only connection is a freshman year roommate) and moms (well, you got me there), I’d say its algorithm could use some work. My score is a measly, but growing 43. I can’t find Tom’s.

Regardless, I love the assertion that we should focus on “making amazing things” and ignore the robots that rate us. Or at least try to give them less validation. Thanks for the refreshing perspective, Tom.

Followers: 8,684
Following: 191
Tom Scott Facebook

Celebrity Klouchebag Scores

Barack Obama (33): A bit of a prat
Mitt Romney (43): Quite noisy

Justin Bieber (50): Bit of a douchebag (This site seems freakishly accurate)
Lady Gaga (43): Quite noisy

LeBron James (65): Facepalm central (Hah!)
Kevin Durant (53): Bit of a douchebag

Tiger Woods (37): A bit of a prat
Rory McIlroy (50): Bit of a douchebag (These two scores must have gotten mixed up.)

Jose Canseco (40): Quite noisy
Ozzie Guillen (25): Mostly alright


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