Why is Chad Ochocinco so Popular on Twitter?

26 Feb

If you’re following the NFL wide receiver, you already know the answer. But the obviousness of Chad Ochocinco’s goodwill toward fans doesn’t make it any less impressive.

At the time of this post, @ochocinco has tweeted 31 times in the last 24 hours. Frequent, but not so remarkable that they deserve analysis. The content of these tweets, however, does. (His avatar asks: “How addicted to Twitter are you?”)

Here are some stats of his tweets in that 24-hour span:

RTs: 2
Users mentioned/RTed at least once: 21*
Photos posted: 5 (him in three of them)
Longest gap between tweets, not counting when he was likely sleeping: three hours, eight minutes
*It appears he knows five of them, or they are fellow celebrities: @thegame, @LennyKravitz, @rayraysaadiq (all three musical artists), @AdrienBroner (WBO super featherweight world champion), @Jicyraa_Carter (Daughter)

Take away those five people, who have nearly 4 million combined followers, and you’re left with 16 people he has never met (or he met just that day getting food or doing something else) but still responded to.

Those 16 people have a paltry 6,214 followers combined, or about 388 each. In other words, regular people. Only one of the 16 has more than 1,000 followers (@JoeSteelerFan with 3,014) and four have less than 50.

Also consider that even on this Sunday afternoon, Ochocinco is receiving a reply or mention, very roughly, every 10 seconds (six per minute). Even if he only responded to replies and mentions all day, it would be impossible to get through all of them. But for those he does respond to, it seems to make the person’s day most of the time.

The personalized photos he posts of his family (daughter, girlfriend, grandmother, who are all in at least one of the five posted in this span) are a nice touch, too. He lets people into his personal life. It’s not unusual for him to ask if any of his followers want to meet him and go shopping or have a meal – and he pays. To his followers, he’s a regular person to whom they can relate.

Although this is just a glimpse into Ochocinco’s habits, he wouldn’t be so popular if they weren’t routine.

Who is your favorite celebrity to follow on Twitter?

Followers: 3,261,457
Following: 48
Chad Ochocinco Facebook


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