‘Sexpots’ Invade Internet, Start Virtual Catfight

23 Feb

A sexpot is an attractive young woman who is available for a sexual relationship. A sexpot is usually horny, promiscuous, and men probably think they will have a chance with her. -urbandictionary.com

Bare-shouldered twenty- or thirty-something female reporters have a quantifiable reporting advantage, according to Betsy Rothstein of Fishbowl DC.

These “sexpots,” as they are called, are “on the loose” in the nation’s capital!

Washington has its own crop of would-be sexy females on the loose. And an unusual trend is developing among campaign and White House reporters of the XX persuasion. They’re using provocative, sometimes sexy photographs of themselves for their Twitter accounts.

(Beth Ponsot’s tweet alerted me to this gem of a conversation starter.)

Here’s how the article ends:

Here is an initial sampling. If you spot any more, please send to FishbowlDC@mediabistro.com.

In this first crop, we have NYT‘s Ashley ParkerLAT‘s Maeve Reston and The Hill’Amie Parnes.

God help us if we don’t catch the rest of them. Plus, I’m sure single guys like me would love to find an easy interview if you know what I’m saying. Wink, wink.

Here are the twitter photos for Parker

(Nothing turns me on like a look-back-between-two-plane-or-train-seats Twitter profile picture.)


(One strap? Put some clothes on, young lady.)

and Parnes

(Clearly too sexy for color.)

Compare them to Rothstein’s (she hasn’t tweeted from this account since Sept. 21):

Lisa McIntire is funny (follow her):

I asked Betsy via a @FishbowlDC Twitter reply if her photo qualifies for “sexpot” status. Will update if she responds.

Be sure to check out the intelligent, forward-thinking conversations that ensued.

The tweet before the storm:

Engaging timeline follows:

Lisa McIntire is still funny:

More fun with sexism:

Julie Westfall with KPCC radio in Los Angeles tweeted this TBD link about Rothstein’s past twitter battles.

Meanwhile, Hunter Walker at the New York Observer started the rebellious #PressDudesGoneWild hash tag. Witness the movement.

Posts on this by JezebelPoynter, KPCC.


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