Reuters’ DeRosa Says Pinterest Helps Video Traffic

16 Feb

As Pinterest continues its rapid ascension, some early-adapting news organizations are reaping the benefits.

One of them, apparently, is Thomson Reuters. In a “Socializing the News” seminar during Social Media Week in New York City, the company’s social media editor, Anthony DeRosa, touched on the company’s strategy.

“We just started looking at Pinterest because it’s becoming a growing network right now,” DeRosa said. “In terms of using it as a way to distribute video, I think it’s really interesting. I’m doing a show for Reuters TV called Tech Tonic and I put up all our videos for Tech Tonic on Pinterest and we started to see a lot more people watching those videos because we put them there. So it’s a good distribution channel for video, I think.”

It’s no wonder, as Pinterest has been driving more traffic than Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube combined.

You can watch the full “Socializing the News” seminar here. The above quotation comes just after the 16:50 mark of “Part 3.”


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