After Paterno Error, Apology Falls Short

22 Jan

Less than two hours after erroneously reported Joe Paterno’s death, Devon Edwards fell on his sword.

The website’s managing editor announced his resignation in a heartfelt, 316-word letter. But as sincere and well-intentioned as the post was, it revealed some of the flaws that led to the site’s false report.

The highlighted statement is almost as embarrassing as the incorrect tweets (some of which have been deleted).

Just because you don’t expect to be picked up by the national media, doesn’t make a mistake more acceptable.

Equally as frustrating to read, mostly for the poor light in which it paints other journalists, was this line:

“This day and age” is no different fromΒ any other, in that the first and most important task in the role of a journalist is being correct. There is no such conflict.

While Edwards’ remorse is obvious, and his resignation noble, his apology is not enough. Even in the rush to atone for his error, he should have been more careful about the message he used to accompany his departure. He sent the wrong one.


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