Learn Twitter’s Shortcuts

19 Jan

Sometimes, reaching for the mouse is too much to ask. So we can all be grateful Twitter has so many handy shortcuts. The key combinations are simple (one or two buttons for all 22 options), but not necessarily easy to remember.

Now if I could only get some keyboard shortcuts for my fridge…

Here's a screenshot of Twitter's keyboard shortcuts.

They’re pretty self-explanatory. From any page through Twitter.com, you can hit “?” (yes, hit shift, then the ?, lest you want to simply hit “/” and search Twitter) to bring up the menu. You know, in case you can’t memorize them since “Enter” opens all tweets instead of “O.” And “L” closes all open tweets instead of “C.” But I digress.

One flaw? No shortcut for Lists.

One more quick tip to go with the shortcuts:

Escape is your friend. If you happen to get stuck in say, the G+U menu to search for a user, you can always hit escape and the menu will disappear. (Hit it twice if you already started typing a user name.)

Stuck on this screen, or any other with keyboard shortcuts? Just hit Escape.


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